Call Me Ishtar (1973)

1977 Printing by Holt, Rhinehart, Winston

1977 Printing by Holt, Rhinehart, Winston

“Lerman equals Philip Roth at his own good game—the Jewish absurd.  Her eye for the giveaway detail, her ear for the mad half-phrase, her ability to sustain the cadences of a  comic scene, all have that peculiar mix of energy, lucidity and hysteria at which Roth excels. . .Rhoda Lerman, American first-novelist of formidable gifts.  Call Me Ishtar announces a writer of genuine talent.  Rhoda Lerman is a find…go out and find her.”
—Harriet Rosenstein  NewYork Times Book Review

“A brilliant and original triumph of the imagination.”
—Marge Piercy

“The writing is splendid and the imagination is boundless.”
—Ishmael Reed


“A virtuoso performance; biblical rhetoric juxtaposed with Americanese and supernatural events with the dull routines of suburbia. . . .a weird, often hilarious mix of the exotic and the mundane.”
—Lore Dickstein   Ms Magazine

“A weird, wonderful, star-crossed, and earthy novel.”
—Annie Gottlieb  Viva

“A mythic masterpiece.”
—Walt Sheppard  Syracuse New Times